The first step on the long road is preparing your child for a great future, ensuring that he/she is confident in approaching challenges, from the mid-term test to keeping their toys where they should be. These small details make up the process of a great future.               Below are tips on how to prepare your child for success:

  1. TEACH YOUR CHILD TO LOVE BOOKS: start early. “it is important to build in your kids the skills that allows them to be able to able to read and comprehend” says Dr. Gab, a family consultant. Reading out to your children every night and taking time to explain to them what you understood has a way of grooming a child’s perception. Analyze, compare, contrast and assess the all-content of the subject material and ask questions. Mike said that he had difficulties understanding the novels when he read them until the mother read it and explained it to him.

  2. PARENTAL CONFESSIONS: An old king once referred to the parents as hunters and the children as arrows, and it takes wise parents to shoot their arrows at its target. Words have power. Very often parents call their kids all spiteful names as a measure of discipline or a way of making the child feel bad for something he/she has done wrong. But what most parents don’t know is that name calling does not necessarily discipline the child instead it becomes seed sown in to their lives. Use your words to build them up and not break them down.

  3. ADDICTIVE  HABITS: 21% of kids between the ages of 9-17 suffer some addictive habits, such as finger sucking, lies, forgetting to brush their teeth especially on Saturday mornings, playing with their genitals, or spending too much time watching TV. At these formative years, parents should teach their children good ethical habits.

  4. TEACH YOUR CHILD RESPECT AND GRATITUDE: Respect they say is reciprocal, regardless of age or economic status. It starts with the little way of saying good morning to saying welcome to visitors. insist and encourage your child to always say thank you to anybody who has given him/her gift.

  5. INCREASE YOUR CHILD EXPOSURE: as a child grows older , take him/her on a visit to parks, cinema, concerts, shopping malls and places he/she can see more people who psychologically will influence him positively. The orphanages and hospitals can expose him/her to people who need love, and as he /she sees you giving food, cloths, to charity it will teach them kindness. Duncan Witt a psychologist said, “we should always expose our children to the world around them to make them a better people”.

  6. LET YOUR CHILD GET INVOLVED IN CHURCH AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: The likes of R.KELLY and many other people of influence started from the church, the christian values taught at church activities strengthens   a child moral values and perception to the real world.

  7. TEACH YOUR CHILD TO LOVE LANGUAGES: For young children, the home provides limitless opportunities for mental and moral development and one of the ways you can influence your child is by consciously modeling his future. Children learn by imitating and repetitions. speak good English to your kids. It enriches their vocabulary.


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